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Adoption Services


Due to the national decrease in number of infants available for adoption as well as high waitlists of hopeful adoptive families, we are temporarily not accepting new adoption applications or holding informational orientation meetings. This pause will allow us to focus on our current hopeful adoptive families as well as continue to provide services to our expecting and birth families. If you would like to be notified when we begin to accept applications again, please contact us.

Adoption Services

New Hope Family Services is a faith-based New York State certified adoption agency. We have been bringing families together through adoption since 1965 and are proud to serve the families of New York State. We can work with birth mothers and adoptive families living anywhere in New York, with the exception of those who reside in the five boroughs of NYS and Long Island. 

New Hope is authorized in the State of New York to perform domestic infant adoptions up to age 2. Generally, we work with expectant moms and do adoptions while the child is still an infant. We average about 8 adoptions per year.

Our Approach

Our approach to adoption is personal and we strive to provide individualized support to each of our adoptive families, birth mothers, and adoptees. We believe that the Lord designs families, and that we are here to simply facilitate His plan. Our adoptive couples can take advantage of our personalized support at any time before, during, and after an adoption has taken place. Our team is dedicated to helping you navigate the joys and sorrows adoption brings. We would be honored to be a part of your adoption story.  

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