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Birth Parent Services

How can we help?

We know that making an adoption plan for your child can be difficult and can come with many emotions. Processing these emotions is important and can help you on your journey towards healing. We would love to walk along side you as you process your adoption and look forward to what your future holds.


New Hope provides support for birth parents for as long as it is needed. This can look like talking on the phone, emailing, or meeting in person. Our advocates are trained to provide a listening ear and support for birth parents as they navigate post placement life. To start this support, simply reach out to your advocate. 

All post adoption services for birth parents are free of charge. 

  • Do I have to pay to make an adoption plan for my child?
    No, all our services to expectant and birth mothers are free.
  • If I make an adoption plan, does this mean I am a bad mom/dad?
    No. Even though it is a difficult choice, making an adoption plan for your child is a loving choice. It reveals your loving heart because you want more for your child than you can currently provide. You are actively involved in making a plan to ensure they remain safe, healthy, and happy.
  • How can I know that my child will be well taken care of?
    Our adoptive families must go through an intense screening and interview process before being approved to adopt through New Hope.
  • If I make an adoption plan, does this mean I will never see my child again?
    No. You have the opportunity to choose how much contact your adoption will have. This is referred to as “openness”. Most commonly, we see women choosing to have letter/picture updates of the child a few times a year, in person visits, or a combination.
  • What rights does the father of the child have?
    Paternal rights varies depending on the situation. We suggest that you contact us to discuss your specific situation.
  • I don’t have reliable transportation. Am I required to come to the Syracuse office?
    No, our caseworkers can come to you and meet you at your home or other location in your community.
  • I already gave birth to my child. Is it too late to make an adoption plan?
    No, it is not too late! New Hope can facilitate adoptions for children up to age 2.

Please note that resources listed on this page may not reflect the views of New Hope Family Services.

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