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How do I know I am ready to adopt?

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As you are considering if now is the right time for you to adopt, consider asking yourself the following questions:

Am I ready emotionally?
  • Have I grieved the loss I have already experienced (infertility, miscarriage, etc.)?

  • Have I grieved the loss I will experience in adoption (not being the biological parent of my child, not having a family that looks alike, etc.)?

  • Do I get excited when I think about adopting?

Am I ready mentally?
  • Am I ready to learn more about adoption?

  • Am I willing to listen to other members of the adoption triad and hear their points of view?

Am I ready financially?
  • Can we afford adoption right now?

  • Do we have a plan of how we will afford adoption fees?

Is my schedule ready?
  • Do I have the flexibility in my schedule to commit to in person interviews where I am expected to drive to the agency?

  • Do I have enough time off from work to accommodate interviews and trainings during the work week?

Are we on the same page?
  • Do my spouse and I agree it is the right time for us to pursue adoption?

  • Are my other immediate family members (i.e. other children) open to adoption? 

If you think you are ready to adopt or will be ready to do so within the next year, we encourage you to contact us and learn more about adoption through New Hope and sign up for orientation.   

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