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Adoption Process

1. Attend

Learn more about adoption and New Hope by attending our free, virtual orientation.  

2. Application Submission

Submit your application and application fee to hold your spot on our home study waitlist.

3. Application Acceptance

Once we have a spot open for you to start the home study process, you are informed and your application is officially “accepted”.

4. Home Study Completion

Complete a total of 3 in-person interviews (2 in office and 1 in your home) along with a series of pre-adoption education sessions.

5. Home Study

Your file is reviewed and will be accepted or denied.

6. Profile

You create a photo book that showcases your family. This is what is used by expectant parents to choose a family for their child. 

7. Get added to the Approved
Family Waitlist

Once all necessary paperwork has been submitted, you will be added to the Approved Family Waitlist.

8. Matching

Based on your preferences, you will be matched with an expectant parent/child.

9. Placement

You sign paperwork accepting the child into your home and commence caring for them. 

10. Supervisory

You will attend periodic check-ins with the agency as well with the court to assure all is well with your family and the child. 

11. Finalization

You sign paperwork officially making the child a part of your family. You gain all rights and full custody of the child.

12. Continued

You can reach out to the agency at anytime for continued support and guidance about adoption.

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